Sessions Outline

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    • Kindred Conference Kickoff

    • Session 1: Healthy Missional Relationships: Seeking to Know our Neighbors with Humility & Curiosity

    • Session 2: Courageously Addressing Our Missional Mistakes

    • Session 3: Shepherding the Hearts of Your Teams

    • Session 4: Gen Z Voice: What are Students Looking for in a Short-Term Trip?

    • Session 5: Alternative Models to Short Term Missions Efforts

    • Session 6: Missional Opportunities of a Holy Spirit on the Move

    • Closing Out Kindred Conference Together

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  • What are included in the sessions?

    Each session will include a 20 minute keynote followed by a time for personal reflection with 3 discussion questions. Each session is packed with tangible steps for you to take to pursue healthy, authentic missions experiences. Keep scrolling down for a full list of the sessions.

  • Who is this course for?

    Anyone looking to make sustainable impact through short-term missions abroad. We truly believe there are ways to do missions ethically & authentically cross-culturally & we're here to help you navigate what that should look like in your ministry, church, or missions organization. These sessions would be a great tool for preparing your teams and leaders for their missions experiences!

  • What all is included with my purchase?

    The bundle will give you infinite access to all sessions and the digital guidebook.